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Lighting Technologies & Electrical supplies

LED lighting is the new design slandered for homes, commercial, and industrial facilities. With LEDs flexibility, low operating cost, and strong incentive programs it is the clear chose for new construction, retro fit, and home refresh.

Our LED lighting upgrading packages are broken into three categories. Please click a category below that best suits your project.




 By upgrading to LED lighting in your home. 

  • Smart home integration.

  • Reduced energy bills.

  • Custom lighting scenes.

  • Automated scheduling.

  • Maintenance cost avoidance.


  • Robust construction and long life prevents maintenance and shut downs.

  • Improved light levels and quality, reducing risk in high traffic area.

  • Custom options for specialty applications.

  • Productive control options to maximize safety and energy savings 

Commercial lighting upgrades are.

  • Qualify for large state subsidies.

  • Smart controls to minimize energy cost.

  •  Lighting placement to maximize safety and minimize risk.

  • Long life span for facilities with long burn hours

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